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Weight room blunders that can really hurt

Ladies are hitting the weight room in record numbers, and another study found that weight-preparing wounds among ladies have bounced an incredible 63 percent. Here are the most well-known slipups and how to alter them, so you leave the exercise center strutting — not limping.

The error: skirting your warm-up

You wouldn’t dispatch into a full scale sprint the second you stepped onto a treadmill, so you shouldn’t hop directly into deadlifts the moment you hit the weight room. “Working icy, firm muscles can prompt sprains and tears,” says Morey Kolber, Ph.d., a teacher of non-intrusive treatment at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. “Warming up expansions flow and enhances scope of movement, which prepares your muscles and joints for activity.”

The fix: “While feelings about static extending may vary, an element warm-up can diminish your danger for harm,” says exercise physiologist Marco Borges, creator of Power Moves. Following five to 10 minutes of strolling or running, do 10 to 12 jumps and pushups (the bowed knee adaptation is fine) before beginning your schedule.

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