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Matcha Green Tea Understand The Benefits

Matcha Green Tea

The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

If you have ever glanced at the supermarket checkout counter’s magazine racks, you have probably noticed the flashy, attention-grabbing health magazine headlines. Every week a new magazine invites you to discover the natural wonders of green tea: they’ll tell you it can boost weight loss, treat cancer, and perform otherworldly miracles. It all sounds too good to be true!

Well, in this instance the magazines may not be lying to you. And, as it turns out, the health benefits of green tea are exponentially stronger due to its high quality and highly concentrated format.

Traditional Medicinal Uses of Matcha Green Tea

Centuries ago in China, matcha green tea caught public attention as a valuable medicinal drink. To this day, research continues to demonstrate that matcha green tea drinking communities have a significantly lower incidence of cancer and other major health problems.

Due to its noteworthy caffeine content, it was commonly employed as a stimulant and diuretic (something which flushes fluids out of the human body). Matcha green tea was hailed as a prevention and treatment for many maladies, ranging from heart problems to fatigue and fevers.

Matcha’s tannin content makes it an effective astringent (something which draw bodily tissues close together), so it was often used externally to dry out wounds, sores, and fungus-affected skin.

Building Blocks of Matcha Green Tea

To understand why matcha green tea stands apart from your average mug of green tea, you have to look more closely at the particular cultivation, harvest, preparation and consumption style that defines it.

The best quality matcha green tea is produced from young leaves, harvested from the top of the green tea bush. These leaves can be processed into a finer, more soluble powder, and allow for a more pleasant drinking experience. Young leaves aren’t just selected for texture – they are ideal because the plant prioritizes these leaves in terms of nutrition. To promote growth, a greater quantity of nutrients is directed towards young leaves. This makes matcha tea significantly more nutritious than other types of green tea. Some tea experts estimate that one cup of matcha tea contains up to ten cups of regular green infusions.

By drinking good quality matcha, you consume whole tea leaves. Dipping a teabag into a cup does infuse hot water with many benefitial compounds. Sadly, since you don’t end up eating the tea leaves, you will still waste many of the helpful fibers, nutrients and compounds. Drinking matcha means you leave none of the good stuff behind.

So, what is the good stuff?

  • • Antioxidants
  • • Caffeine
  • • Catechins
  • • Chlorophyll
  • • Essential amino acids
  • • Flavonoids
  • • Polyphenols
  • • Tannins
  • • Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, Zinc, Magnesium

While scientific debates still surround many supposedly benefitial substances, it is widely accepted that matcha has some powerful healing and cleansing properties.

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